A contemporary approach to the island’s culinary heritage

Saccharum Ristorante Altavilla Milicia
A corner of land by the sea, in the Norman Altavilla Milicia, where once the flourishing sugarcane trade took place. We wanted to honor its memory by keeping its Latin name, Saccharum, and enhancing the raw material in some gastronomic proposals.

The Restaurant

A familiar and cozy environment which perfectly reflects our philosophy devoted to hospitality and care to the customer. A modern design with numerous wood and stone inserts that add up a natural pleasantness to the overall environment, combined with a warm and restful light.

Saccharum Ristorante Terrazza Pizza
Saccharum Ristorante Sala
Saccharum Ristorante Terrazza Agrumeto

During summer it is possible to dine on the terrace in front of the blue sea and, during winter, relaxing in a comfortable place next to a fragrant citrus grove.

Three ovens, a wood-burning one and two electric ones with high-performance rotating plates, and a kitchen prepared to satisfy even the most demanding palates that are looking for the flavors of the Sicilian culinary tradition, revisited in a modern key.

Saccharum Ristorante Gioachino Gargano

Gioacchino Gargano

After completing his catering institute studies, began his experience as a chef in different restaurants. After spending a few years in Paris, he took over a restaurant in Sicily before opening his own in 2005 in Bagheria, where his family is originally from.

It was in 2016 that he decided to committing to bread-making, he began studying leavened products and he got swept away by the passion for bakery. He attended Nino D’Agostino’s “Fermentatum” High School of training for signature leavened products in Vallelunga Pratameno, comparing himself with the great masters Renato Bosco and Mauro Morandin.

Gioacchino’s idea is to balance and bring together his two passions, transferring his chef background into his culinary proposal, experimenting with daring and creative combinations that manage to enhance raw materials.

Bearer of local values and Mediterranean flavors which he valorizes through his doughs and through the selection of raw materials. Thanks to the use of a percentage of ancient grains and a selection of local ingredients, Gioacchino is the guardian of Sicilian taste and its tradition, combined with a pinch of innovation and creativity.

Saccharum Ristorante -Pizza Preparazione

An excellence in the world of leavened products in Sicily.

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Our Philosophy

Saccharum is a journey through raw materials and recipes with a strong Italian soul. A hymn to our roots, to Mediterranean culture, to local, seasonal and always fresh ingredients, with particular attention to small artisanal productions and Slow Food presidia.

Our goal is to offer you a good and genuine cuisine, supported by the hospitality and warmth of our staff, to let you relax and not think about anything.

Saccharum Ristorante -Loredana Filosofia
Saccharum Ristorante -Filosofia Ingredienti

Ingredients selected among the best Italian excellences and enhanced through carefully studied combinations.

Gioacchino’s Pizza

Study and dedication make Gioacchino’s dough unique, and after many experiments he has achieved the perfect balance. The result is a light and digestible pizza, truly suitable for anyone.

The Saccharum dough evolves over time, with continuous tests and new studies, with the need not to stereotype pizza, not to necessarily give it a clear definition.

Saccharum Ristorante - La Pizza di Gioachino
Saccharum Ristorante - Pizza

Stone-ground flour, long leavening and high hydration make my dough airy, light and easily digestible. My pizza is neither Campanian, nor Roman, nor Neapolitan, it is the result of my studies, courses, experiments and test… Simply mine!”

Gioacchino Gargano