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Pizzeria Restaurant Tradition in Altavilla

An experience to discover Sicilian and Mediterranean flavors and scents, a hymn to the culture of the island with just enough innovation that our chef knows perfectly how to dose.

The Chef

The challenge of chef Gioacchino is to reconcile the culinary vocation with baking and confectionery. To do this, he decided to transfer his cooking philosophy to pizza preparation, combining the selection of local ingredients, the genuine flavors of our land and his chef experience with his crispy and light doughs. The result is the perfect union between leavened products and toppings that come together in a harmonious balance of flavors and consistencies.

Saccharum Gioacchino Gargano Chef
Saccharum Ristorante Pizza Forno


My pizza is the result of a chef’s knowledge and a passion for bakery. It is the result of years of study and many challenges, an expression of my territory and its flavors that I want to enhance and valorize. It is my way to pass down the local tradition, it tells about me and Sicily and this is what makes it unique.

Gioacchino Gargano